What Is Metal Fume Fever?

Safety is and always will be a major concern, especially for a company that deals with high-powered heavy machinery like we do. At Classic Hire, we do everything to cover our bases.

The first step to ensuring safety is knowledge; the more you know about something, the better you’ll be at preventing it. People often assume that the biggest things everyone in our industry worry over are the big machines and equipment for hire that we offer. Those are a concern, but the bigger problem is the unseen danger that can hurt people from the inside. One of the more serious things we teach people to look out for is something that’s known as metal fume fever.

Don’t Catch the Fever

Also known as the brass shakes and the galvie flu, metal fume fever is a condition that can give workers flu-like symptoms, and in extreme cases, make them lose consciousness. People can get metal fume fever by inhaling the fumes given off by certain metals when heated or welded. Galvanised steel and chrome are just a couple of the many metals whose fumes can cause this condition.

The symptoms of metal fume fever aren’t specific. Patients can experience anything from chest pains, a metallic taste in the mouth, shortness of breathing, convulsions, and yellow skin. It often takes three weeks to recover from the condition depending on the medical attention given to the patient.

Fever Prevention and Protection

Fortunately, the method for preventing metal fume fever is simple, as all workers have to do is protect themselves from the fumes that come from metals while they’re working. Donning a protective mask should be enough to keep fumes and small metal particles from entering the body, and spare the worker from metal fume fever.

We’re a company that cares about the welfare of its customers and employees. To learn more about safely operating heavy equipment, talk to us today. Our teams would be more than happy to answer questions regarding our equipment and operations, as well as how people can make their work safe and efficient.

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